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Experience the most advanced storage, monitoring and reporting platform, which integrates with Veeam®, StorageCraft®, Dropbox and Office 365. Imagine: all of your clients, all of their cloud backups, all on one screen. Learn more

Business Owners and IT Managers

DIY backups are dangerous; join the pros with Probax. Smooth operation. Easy fixes. Secure data. Ensure cloud backups are in perfect working order before they're needed with Probax Certified Recoverable™ Backups. Learn more

Probax Control

Lost data means lost time and lost business. Backup using the Probax suite of products.

It’s time to get professional with your clients' data. We’ve spent more than a decade developing ways to ensure that it’s done right, so you can guarantee the recoverability of your clients' backups.

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Errors and warnings are made clear immediately within the Control portal. We’ve developed Scout technology to fix backups without manual intervention.


We work with IT pros to tune their backups for paramount performance, working side by side when support is needed.


We are focussed on educating end users on the benefits and business value of managing their backups with Probax, before referring them to you.


Probax products are designed with easy integration at their core.


Get physical and virtual backups off site and replicate VMs (virtual machines) without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure.

Probax’s Veeam Cloud Connect integration provides a seamless, fast and secure way to backup and replicate to the Probax Cloud.

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