Managed Service Providers

Experience the most advanced storage, monitoring and reporting platform, which integrates with Veeam®, StorageCraft®, NAS and File backups. Imagine: all of your clients, all of their cloud backups, all on one screen. Learn more

Business Owners and IT Managers

DIY backups are dangerous; join the pros with Probax. Smooth operation. Easy fixes. Secure data. Ensure cloud backups are in perfect working order before they're needed with Probax Certified Recoverable™ Backups. Learn more


Probax products are designed with easy integration at their core.

Veeam Backup & Replication

We’ve introduced new features to replicate virtual backups, while limiting the amounts of data needed to be copied across the Internet.

Veeam® is an incredibly effective, efficient and capable product for easily backing up densely populated virtual environments. When combined with Probax for off-site replication it forms an extremely resilient backup and recovery solution.

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Storagecraft ShadowProtect

Think storing ShadowProtect backup images on a local platform is too hard? Think again.

This is a question we’re often asked by MSPs who are more than capable of replicating data from one place to another. The answer is, this is completely different, far more advanced and thus a lot more valuable to both the MSP and the end user.

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Disaster Recovery

Recovery without interruption.

Choosing cloud backup integration means your clients can access their necessary files and/or database via their cloud backup while recovery takes place. It's such a seamless service that end users might never know there was ever a problem.

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NAS Device Backup

On-site NAS devices are excellent, until there’s an on-site disaster.

Ensure your clients’ local daily data and archival files are protected with offsite backups. Cover all your bases with a more reliable backup for cost-conscious clients.

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