The Brief

A CloudNet client specialising in furniture warehousing and distribution fell victim to the Crysis virus. It soon became apparent that the virus had encrypted the MYOB files, emails, spread sheets, word documents, databases, all templates, history and data files associated with their custom software.

Not only were basic customer details not accessible, but the software that controls inventory and truck movements was brought to its knees. CloudNet had to provide the clients data as it was prior to being infected, using a backup version that contained clean file copies.

The Requirements

  • Verify that a successful cloud backup had run prior to the infection date
  • Recover the backup from Probax servers
  • Wipe the local systems clean of infected files
  • Restore the clean backup

Probax Provided:

  • Verification of the last successful backup
  • The ability to pinpoint which generation of backup contained infected files
  • Protection of all previous backup version from the encryption
  • The provision of the entire backup set, on an external HDD for collection



The result: 100% successful recovery


“Our client was amazed at how quickly we were able to get their computers back online and have the data reloaded and configured. The warehouse manager was really concerned, as he had worked at a business prior, that had a similar thing happen and as they didn’t have any offsite backup solution in place, they lost nearly all their information, which had a catastrophic effect on their business”

Wes Denton

CloudNet Pty Ltd

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