Who are we?

We’re revolutionizing data protection so that businesses everywhere can protect their valuable data. All honey, no sting.

We believe that leading a revolution in intelligent data protection means standing for something. Here’s what we value and live by:

  • We exist for our partners.
  • We’re passionate and have fun.
  • We keep each other accountable.
  • We’re inclusive and collaborative.
  • We’re continuously improving.
  • Work hard, bee positive

Reducing complexity

We simplify the complexity of protecting multiple customer environments, workloads and technologies.

The Probax platform delivers unmatched intelligence, automation, security, monitoring, and reporting capabilities. 

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10+ - Availability Zones

6+ Petabytes - More than 6 PB of data protected by the Probax platform

Net Promoter Score - Our NPS score of 51 proves that Probax is an industry leader in customer loyalty and satisfaction

CSAT - Our CSAT score of 98% is reflective of the responsive and effective support we delivery to our global partners



Probax allows you to replicate Veeam ® protected systems using Cloud Connect

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Supercharge your ShadowProtect® with Probax's end-to-end intelligent platform

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A reliable backup, archive and cryptoware recovery solution for users of Dropbox

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Microsoft 365

Effortlessly backup & archive your critical Office 365 data to the Probax Cloud

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Leadership Team

Sam Meegahage


Sam has over 15 years of experience in the IT, Telecommunications and Cloud industry and has previously provided leadership into some of the fastest growing managed services businesses in Australia. Prior to joining Probax, he held several senior management roles at Inabox Group (ASX: IAB) where his leadership delivered consistent profitable growth in a highly competitive market.

In August 2017 he became Chief Executive Officer after serving as an Advisory Board Member from January to July 2017. 

Kevin Allan


Kevin has been involved in all things Internet since the mid-90’s in a variety of different IT Management and Consulting roles, from city-wide wireless network development to analyzing data across multiple mine sites. This range of experience has allowed Kevin to identify a need for providing a quality Cloud Backup service for IT Providers and Managed Service Providers around the world.

Success Stories


With the emergence of cloud and an ever-greater expectation of business availability from customers, eNerds needed reliable replication of customers’ onsite backups to a secure and local cloud repository, at a price-point their customers could afford. 

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After offering an in-house cloud backup and disaster recovery solution for several years, high costs, insufficient reliability and a lack of reporting functionality led Anittel’s management towards a rethink, ultimately deciding to engage a dedicated cloud services provider to partner with.

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