There are many reasons why we’re inspired by our four-winged friends...

Bees collaborate, communicate and work together efficiently. Every bee has purpose and makes a meaningful contribution. They  anticipate risks and adapt well to changing environments.

Their hexagonal honeycomb is an incredibly efficient structure which utilizes the least amount of material to hold the most weight possible.

Similar to how important the beehive is for bees, Probax Hive is the hub for all your data protection needs!

We've got you covered

We get you. Really. We get you because we were you. We started out as an MSP. We’ve lived and breathed MSP life. We intimately understand the successes and challenges, what works and what doesn’t.

Probax was born from more and more MSPs needing their client data protection services to be made simple, efficient, scalable, and most importantly, reliable. We’re all about helping our Partners thrive with scalable and reliable data protection solutions and services.

With Probax, you’re not joining a Partner Program where you’re just a number. You’re joining a program built to continually support and enable you. We listen to our partners so intently that they are the driving force for everything we create.

So yeah... we’ve got you covered.

"We appreciate how agile and flexible the Probax team is and how their approach mirrors how eNerds operates"

- Tristan Warner, CTO and Co-founder at eNerds

Partner Success Matters
eNerds Success Story

With the emergence of cloud and an ever-greater expectation of business availability from customers, eNerds needed reliable replication of customers’ onsite backups to a secure and local cloud repository, at a price-point their customers could afford. 

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We'll Help You Thrive
Anittel Success Story

After offering an in-house cloud backup and disaster recovery solution for several years, high costs, insufficient reliability and a lack of reporting functionality led Anittel’s management towards a rethink, ultimately deciding to engage a dedicated cloud services provider to partner with.

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