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Answers to some of our most common questions.

Do you offer a free trial of Probax?

Yes! We offer a whopping 20TB of cloud storage free for 14 days. As part of the trial, we also provide you with unlimited SaaS protection for Office 365 and Dropbox. Start your 20TB trial here.

How does pricing work?

Our pricing model is extremely simple, benefiting our channel partners, and ultimately the end users.

Probax Partners pay a flat monthly fee for a given volume of storage, or a per user rate for SaaS protection. There are no hidden fees or complex billing schedules.

We also supply discounted Veeam licensing. Click here for more information.

Do you offer data pooling for cloud storage?
Yes, we offer data pooling across regions (i.e. Australia and USA). For example, if you purchase 10TB of our Hyperformance Cloud Storage, you can allocate this to any number of end users in Australia, regardless of whether they choose to backup to our Perth, Sydney and/or Melbourne data centres.
Is there a minimum term or minimum spend?

We offer different partner levels to suit your business. Each has its own minimum term and minimum spend. These are:

  • Flex - no minimum term, no minimum monthly spend
  • Bronze - 12 month term, $100 minimum monthly spend
  • Silver - 12 month term, $500 minimum monthly spend
  • Gold - 12 month term, $2,500 minimum monthly spend
  • Platinum - 24 month term, $7,500 minimum monthly spend
  • Black - 24 month term, $10,000 minimum monthly spend
How much support do Probax partners receive?

We boast one of the best support teams in the industry (our NPS score is 2.8x the industry average).  All Probax Partners get unlimited email and phone support. Emergency recoveries after hours may attract fees and charges, please ask your Probax Account Manager for an up to date copy of the rates.

I have a new customer. Can you help with the setup and transition?
Yes. If required, we will allocate engineering hours to assist with the transition across from your current provider and train you and your team in setting up Probax/Veeam®/StorageCraft® solutions.
What other support do Probax partners receive?

Giving our partners the right tools at their disposal to attract and convert prospects is one of our key aims. By educating partners about our solutions and providing the pricing tools, co-branded content, lead-generation material and templates that are used again and again, we help our partners become successful. After all, our success depends on the success of our partners.

Check out our Digital Marketing Toolkit, a free library of marketing assets designed to help customise and launch lead generation marketing campaigns.

We also provide a comprehensive Knowledge Base and a range of webinars useful for getting to know our platform and services.

Who bills my clients for Probax services?

You bill your own clients, just like you do for all the other services you provide. Probax does not, and will not, contact your customers for anything related to billing.

How much should I charge for Probax services?

If your application to become a Probax Partner is successful, you will get access to our pricing and quoting tool inside Probax Control. Our quoting tool displays wholesale pricing and RRP to help you set your prices.

How do I upgrade and downgrade services?

Upgrading is easy, and automatic – Your Probax account will grow to meet your data protection requirements, and the new volume will be reflected in your next monthly invoice.
Downgrading can be done at any time from Probax Control.

Can payment be made by bank transfer?
Payment by bank transfer is only available to Probax Platinum and Black partners.
Where are your data centres?

Data will always be stored only where you choose it to be stored.

We have infrastructure in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and New Jersey. We also leverage public cloud providers for our SaaS protection solutions. 

Our Office 365 Backup & Archive solution uses AWS data centres in Sydney, North Virginia and Canada.

Our Dropbox Backup & Archive solution uses the Wasabi cloud in USA.


How much bandwidth is required?

A standard ADSL link can transfer 3.5GB of data during a 12 hour backup window. After compression and deduplication, a full 3.5GB of data would represent a very large amount of new/changed data; Far more than an average small business would ever generate in a single day. If your client has more bandwidth available to them then backups will be faster and will allow for more data to be transferred within their backup window.

Resellers can also seed initial backups via external hard drive. This reduces backup lag time and leaves clients internet links operational during work hours.

Large resellers and enterprise clients have the option to purchase private links purely for backup purposes. This is useful when daily changes are so large they would impact the network speed for employees during business hours, and security when is a primary concern.

Do you have any technical guides?
Yes! We provide a comprehensive knowledge base and a range of webinars useful for getting to know our platform and services. You can access our knowledge base here.