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Answers to some of our most common questions.

How Will Probax Save Me Money?

Imagine for a moment, that you’re a small MSP with 50 clients on managed service contracts. Backup is a part of every customers agreement, and the SLA says that backups will occur nightly, and be checked on a daily basis.

Now imagine that you’re running anything up to 100 different backup sets, because most clients have separate email, file and database backups.

Now, let’s get even more complex: You’re running different types of backups because some clients have physical machines, some are virtual (some are hybrid!), some only want to do select files and folders and others want entire server volumes backed up.

Trawling through individual reports for every client is going to take a long time. Sure, after some practice you can probably get through it reasonably quickly, if there are no unusual errors.

Probax can handle all of the above scenarios, and present the vital stats from your backups in a single, easy to use reporting window (or an email!) How much time would you save by having at-a-glance access to the health of all your backups, no matter whether they are ShadowProtect, Veeam, NAS sync or file backups?

Probax will save your technicians time spent managing backups, depending on the size of your business it could be hundreds or even thousands of wage-hours per year.

Probax is more cost effective to deploy that running your own hardware. You save money on power, networking, rack space, physical equipment and man hours.

How Do I Become a Reseller?

Probax is a reseller driven solution, meaning we supply Probax to service providers inside the IT Channel.

If you are a Managed Service Provider within the IT industry, you can apply for a reseller account and have access to wholesale rates.
Simply go to the pricing page, click the signup button, and start entering your details. The application process takes less than 2 minutes.

How Much Should I Sell Probax For?

If your application to become a Probax Reseller is successful, you will receive a Marketing Pack from your Probax Account Manager. The Marketing Pack contains an RRP guide to help you set your prices.

How Much Bandwidth is Required for Cloud Backups?

A standard ADSL link can transfer 3.5GB of data during a 12 hour backup window. After compression and deduplication, a full 3.5GB of data would represent a very large amount of new/changed data; Far more than an average small business would ever generate in a single day. If your client has more bandwidth available to them then backups will be faster and will allow for more data to be transferred within their backup window.

Resellers can also seed initial backups via external hard drive. This reduces backup lag time and leaves clients internet links operational during work hours.

Large resellers and enterprise clients have the option to purchase private links purely for backup purposes. This is useful when daily changes are so large they would impact the network speed for employees during business hours, and security when is a primary concern.

Where are the Storage Servers?

Probax is developed and housed on local servers.

Our storage nodes are in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Johannesburg, and New York.

Data will always be stored only where you choose it to be stored.

How Does the Pricing Work?

Our pricing model is extremely simple, benefiting our reseller partners, and ultimately the end users.

Probax Resellers pay a flat monthly fee for a given volume of storage, with no hidden fees or complex billing schedules.
There are no ‘per user’, ‘per backup’, PUT, GET, POST or LIST charges either, but we do charge a nominal monthly fee for 3rd party licensing on ShadowProtect® and Veeam® if you choose to purchase them via Probax.

Is There a Minimum Term?

Resellers engage with Probax either on a month-to-month commitment or on 12 month terms.

How Do I Upgrade or Downgrade My Account?

Upgrading is easy, and automatic – Your Probax account will grow to meet your storage requirements, and the new volume will be reflected in your next monthly invoice.
Downgrading can be done at any time within the Control console.

How Much Support Do Resellers Get?

We boast one of the best support systems in the industry. All Probax Partners get unlimited email and phone support. Emergency recoveries after hours may attract fees and charges, please ask your Probax Account Manager for an up-to-date copy of the rates.

Can I Trial the Service?

Probax allows you to trial the full featured service for 7 days. Following the end of the 7 day period your account will suspended. You will have the option to extend the trial if you need more time.

Who Bills My Clients for Probax?

You bill your own clients, just like you do for all the other services you provide. Probax does not, and will not, contact your customers for anything related to billing.

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