Probax Partner Program

Growing MSP businesses with scalable and profitable data protection solutions

In today's rapidly changing data protection landscape, MSPs need a technology partner that deeply understands what you’re selling, whom you’re selling to, and how you generate and grow revenue.

The Probax Partner Program is built with your MSP in mind.

We’re 100% channel-focused and our go-to-market program empowers MSPs with access to expert sales, pre-sales and technical resources.

Your MSP benefits from a Probax partnership

We help our partners thrive with intelligent and reliable data protection solutions and services.

We help generate new revenue and reduce operating costs

We enable you to generate revenue by deploying data protection solutions and services to new clients faster, and then foster existing revenue streams by up-selling and cross-selling a broad range of data protection solutions and services.

Feature-rich and powerful services

We support MSPs with feature-rich and powerful services to ensure your clients data is always secure and available.

Comprehensive data protection solutions

Comprehensive backup, disaster recovery, and archive solutions ensure high availability and restorability for protection of on premises, hybrid, cloud-hosted and SaaS data and application.

Prevent issues, rather than react

With intelligent risk algorithms, Hive determines at-risk client issues so that engineering resources can be deployed to immediately resolve them.

Centralize and simplify complexity

We help you solve complex data protection challenges with single-pane-of-glass visibility and control, bundled with unmatched intelligence, automation, monitoring, and reporting capabilities.
Probax Veeam Badges 2023

Veeam made easy

Veeam is the undisputed leader in data protection, according to the likes of Gartner.

Your clients deserve to have only the best solutions protecting their valuable data, but it can be challenging for MSPs to gain a foothold in the cloud services market and deliver Veeam-powered solutions to their clients.

Now there’s a way for MSPs to accelerate their upgrade path to Veeam or deploy additional Veeam-powered services quicker and easier than ever before.

That's because Probax  + Veeam = Better Together.

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We help deliver unbeatable customer service

Partner with Probax and experience our unbeatable customer service (CSAT > 97%, NPS >50), which exists to help your organization thrive by delivering scalable and profitable data protection solutions.

Gain access to a comprehensive knowledge base, training services and partner enablement resources to help up-skill your team. Alternatively, let us do all the work for you with our Managed Data Protection Service offering.

Probax Digital Marketing Toolkit Preview

Take data protection services to market and generate demand

With the Probax Digital Marketing Toolkit, we make it easier than ever for your MSP to take products and services to market, generate demand and nurture leads.

Our free library of marketing assets for Probax Partners is designed to help customize and launch your lead generation marketing campaigns quickly and easily, and get the conversation started with prospects and customers on the importance of backup and disaster recovery.

Save time and money by leveraging Probax's professional, customizable and targeted marketing resources today.

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Hear what our Partners say about Probax

Hundreds of MSPs worldwide are benefitting from their partnership with Probax. Hear how Probax has transformed data protection for our Partners.
Innovative Solutions | Probax Partner
Innovative Solutions | Probax Partner
“When we were setting up one of the largest implementations that we ever had with a medical company, we weren’t on our own. The Probax team worked with us every step of the way. Probax tech support was contacting us every morning to double-check how the implementation was going. They weren’t just answering tickets, they were involved in ensuring the entire client implementation was a success. Now that is a strategic data protection partner.”
Rich Wilder, Lead Architect – IT Systems, Innovative Solutions
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Comvision Australia | Probax Partner
Comvision Australia | Probax Partner
"With Probax, we can easily scale to 500 more clients without a problem. Data protection is a lot simpler with Probax and we make a great return on it. There’s no worrying about hardware maintenance or other costs. Where previously if a client needed 21 years of backup for insurance and compliance requirements, it would have been difficult to meet those needs, but with Probax it’s easy.”
Ryan McAleer, Operations Manager, Comvision Australia
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StoredTech | Probax Partner
StoredTech | Probax Partner
"StoredTech and the Techs+Together MSP community needed a cloud data protection solution that would operate in a hybrid environment, was stable, fast, efficient and was ideally scalable for our growth focused MSPs. The solution needed to have a cost model that was compatible with the objectives of our MSP community."
Mark Shaw, Founder, StoredTech & Techs+Together
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Winthrop Australia | Probax Partner
Winthrop Australia | Probax Partner
"As new hypervisors and related technologies are released, Probax is ready to support our customers as they adopt these innovative platforms. Probax’s centralised Hive data protection platform allows us to see all our customer’s data protection statuses from a single view, saving a lot of time."
Dean Wallace, CTO, Winthrop Australia
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eNerds Logo | Probax Partner
eNerds Logo | Probax Partner
"We appreciate how agile and flexible the Probax team is and how their approach mirrors how eNerds™ operates. We’ve moved our backup licensing to Probax because cost is the key driver for our clients. We’re experiencing aggregated savings and are incentivised to sell more. Probax ticked every box for us."
Tristan Warner, CTO & Co-Founder, eNerds
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Anittel | Probax Partner
"As new hypervisors and related technologies are released, Probax is ready to support our customers as they adopt these innovative platforms. Probax’s centralised Hive Portal allows us to see all our customer’s data protection statuses from a single view, saving a lot of time."
Michael Jolakoski, Operations Manager WA, Anittel
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Get rewarded for referring other Partners to Probax

Our MSP partners have earned thousands in recurring commission for referring other MSPs in their network to Probax.

Earn a substantial 10% commission for the first 12 months on all referrals for new MSP partners that join the Probax Partner Program.

Our Referral Program is just another way for your MSP business to unlock new revenue streams using Probax.

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Discover how you can benefit from Probax's Partner Program

Probax helps MSPs thrive with intelligent and reliable data protection solutions and services.

Probax's Partner Program supports you to drive business and capture growth opportunities.

Find out how!

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