Winning with MDPS: The opportunity MSPs can't ignore

We make a compelling case for how MSPs can scale and gain a competitive advantage by outsourcing their clients' data protection in our free whitepaper.


While you focus on growing your business, we'll look after your clients' data protection.

Proactively managing the protection of clients' data can result in a variety of challenges for MSPs.

It's a time-consuming service offering when you're  monitoring, managing and testing to achieve compliance according to client data requirements as well as to achieve industry best practice.

Keeping technical engineers engaged is also tough when they're having to regularly complete mundane administrative and Level 1 tasks as part of the offering. 

Integrated Veeam

Increased internal effectiveness and profitability for guaranteed ROI

Service Level Agreement and monthly reporting

Proactive monitoring, management and testing

Priority access to specialist engineers and consultants

Includes backup software for devices under management

Service Levels

Choose a service level that matches the priority of the server being backed up

Managed Backup
Managed Disaster Recovery
Managed Backup
Standard Priority
Non-critical servers where downtime or low performance will result in only a minor impact on the IT environment or business
  • Unlimited remote backup management & support
  • Unlimited escalation to backup consultants & engineers
  • Proactive management of Veeam Backup software
  • Discounted professional service rates
  • Enhanced monthly reporting
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Managed Backup
Important Priority
Important to the operation of the organization, but not to the same degree as critical servers. Extended downtime or data loss would seriously impact the organization
  • Everything in the Standard Priority Plan, PLUS:
  • Free Veeam server backup licensing per managed server
  • Free Veeam Cloud Connect for Backup licensing per managed server
  • Monthly test restores (application item restores)
Managed Backup
Critical Priority
Servers that are essential to operation and that cannot experience any downtime or data loss without major impact to the organization
  • Everything in the Important Priority Plan, PLUS:
  • Weekly test restores (application item restores)
  • Veeam Insider Protection (7 days)
  • Unlimited after-hours on-call access for P1 backup restoration events (24/7)
Managed Disaster Recovery
Critical Priority
The ability to fail-over to critical-tier VMs in less than 15 minutes is important for ensuring the organisation’s business continuity
  • Everything in the Standard Priority Plan, PLUS:
  • Free Veeam Server DR licensing per managed server
  • Free Veeam Cloud Connect for DR licensing per managed server
  • Regular DR testing available for an additional fee


Affordable Managed Data Protection Means ROI

When you outsource your clients' data protection to Probax,  we make sure the numbers stack up. Our low price point per device ensures you will always receive return on your investment. Deploy your technical engineers your team to focus on more important and financially beneficial tasks for your business - like billable work!