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While you focus on growing your business, we'll look after your clients' data protection.

Proactively managing the protection of clients' data can result in a variety of challenges for MSPs.

It's a time-consuming service offering when you're  monitoring, managing and testing to achieve compliance according to client data requirements as well as to achieve industry best practice.

Keeping technical engineers engaged is also tough when they're having to regularly complete mundane administrative and Level 1 tasks as part of the offering. 

Managed Data Protection Services can help you solve these issues and unlock a range of business benefits

With our Managed BaaS, Managed DRaaS and SaaS Protection offerings, our team of highly skilled backup and disaster recovery experts will ensure that your client's data protection solutions are correctly configured, proactively monitored, managed and regularly tested. 

Efficiently achieve compliance with your clients' data protection requirements while managed in alignment with industry best practice.

Also, when Probax looks after the mundane Level 1 work, you're able to keep engineers engaged by focusing them on challenging work only mitigates the risk of them leaving, it also means being you're deploying them on more financially profitable activities. 

Free up internal resources to maximise billable utilisation & efficiency

Efficiently achieve compliance with your clients' data protection requirements

Assurance that data protection management is aligned to industry best practice

Keep your engineers engaged by outsourcing mundane admin & Level 1 work

Gain a competitive advantage

Experience the benefits without upfront commitment

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Affordable Managed Data Protection Means ROI

When you outsource your clients' data protection to Probax,  we make sure the numbers stack up. Our low price point per device ensures you will always receive return on your investment. Deploy your technical engineers your team to focus on more important and financially beneficial tasks for your business - like billable work! 


Increased internal effectiveness and profitability for guaranteed ROI

Service Level Agreement and monthly reporting

Proactive monitoring, management and testing

Priority access to specialist engineers and consultants

Includes backup software for devices under management

Want the details on Managed Data Protection Services?

For information relating to the bundled extras and pricing structure, download our Product Sheet below. 
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Go-to-market with Data Protection Services quicker, without the upfront investment

If you're looking to add additional revenue streams to your business by offering data protection services for your clients, we can support you to go to market quickly and efficiently.

Whether it's BaaS, DRaaS or SaaS protection services, providing end-to-end information protection and disaster recovery services for your clients delivers significant revenue uplift for your MSP.

Now you can expand your service offering without the upfront investment of back-end process and up-skilling people. That's because with Probax Managed Data Protection, we deliver the compliance, the SLAs and the reporting for you. 

We make it easier for you to launch by also providing all of the marketing and sales content you need to take your new offering to market.

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