Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive

The most reliable backup and archival solution for your clients’ Microsoft Office 365 data. Get the power, control and reliability you need to deliver SaaS data protection services.

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Get complete control and protection of your clients’ Microsoft 365 data

Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive delivers a simple, automated and secure cloud-to-cloud Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution for Microsoft Office 365. This includes Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams.

Powered by Veeam and AWS, Probax's turn-key solution provides complete control and protection of Office 365, so you can rest assured that all your data is protected and recoverable at any time.


Protecting 365 data is your responsibility

Microsoft Office 365 enables your clients' businesses to work anywhere, anytime, without the need to host their own email, files and content management infrastructure. Even though Microsoft hosts the infrastructure, this doesn't replace their responsibility of maintaining a backup of their business-critical Office 365 data.

High-availability reduces downtime risk but does not protect business data. To protect your clients' businesses, your clients need to back up their Office 365 data.

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Accelerate your MSP recurring revenue with Microsoft 365 backup

In a hyper-competitive market MSPs need to continually expand their service offering, add value to their customers by filling immediate needs and accelerate recurring revenue growth.

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The power and flexibility you need to securely backup your clients’ Microsoft 365 data


Total protection for Microsoft 365

Protect your clients’ Microsoft Office 365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps.

Compliance assurance

Meet legal and compliance requirements with efficient eDiscovery of Microsoft Office 365 backup archives.
Power and flexibility

Power and flexibility

Quickly restore individual Office 365 items with industry-leading recovery flexibility.
Predictable pricing

Predictable pricing

A fixed monthly price per user provides unlimited storage and unlimited retention in AWS.

Discover our affordable and granular 365 data protection

Probax accelerates MSP revenue with reliable and secure data protection that works the way you need it to.

For more information, read our Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive FAQ.

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SharePoint and OneDrive only


Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive + Teams Bundle

You're in control

You can mix and choose different SKUs for different users in the same organization.

Transform the way you do data protection

Hive is the ultimate data protection dashboard for MSPs who are managing multiple client environments and workloads using Veeam, StorageCraft, Microsoft 365 and/or Dropbox.

Hive solves complex data protection challenges with single-pane-of-glass visibility and control, while bundled with unmatched intelligence, automation, security, monitoring, and reporting capabilities.

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Why should I back up Microsoft 365 data?
Some of the reasons you need to back up Microsoft 365 data include:

  • Accidental data deletion: Data loss can happen by accident due to human error or technology failure.
  • External security threats: Cyberattacks happen more frequently than ever, with malware, SQL injections, phishing, and zero-day exploits being the most serious.
  • Internal security threats: Malicious insider actions may happen from a bribed or terminated employee.
  • Compliance and legal requirements: Sometimes, you're required to retrieve files last accessed months ago for legal or compliance purposes. Without a backup, there's no guarantee that these files weren't permanently deleted, even by accident.
  • Teams data structure: Since Teams is often used as a central hub for M365 data from other apps like SharePoint and OneDrive, protecting Teams data is important.
  • Managing hybrid email deployments and migrations: M365 backup solutions can make managing hybrid email deployments easier while also treating exchange data the same.
What is the Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model?
The Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model states that it's the IT organization's responsibility to protect and control its data, regardless of whether they use Microsoft's SaaS applications.

On the other hand, Microsoft's responsibility is limited to maintaining its global infrastructure and increasing uptime for its services to keep the customers satisfied. It doesn't have any native backup options.

Based on that, Microsoft recommends customer organizations that use the M365 suite adopt a 3rd party backup solution to be able to restore data in case of accidental data loss or cyberattacks.
Is Microsoft responsible for Office 365 data security?

When it comes to M365 security, both Microsoft and the customer share responsibility for data security.

Microsoft’s security responsibilities are limited to:

  • Securing the physical data centers
  • Protecting the identification and authentication of its cloud services, and
  • Securing the admin and user controls in Office 365.
On the other hand, the end user organization is responsible for the protection of its data from ransomware, accidental data deletion, and other threats. This is only possible with a 3rd party solution like Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive powered by Veeam and AWS.
What is Microsoft's data retention policy?
Microsoft's data retention policy is used to protect Office 365 data from being permanently deleted. These include emails, documents, and files.

Retention policies can be applied with retention labels that enable users to customize retention settings for individual documents, folders, emails, and files.
Where can I store Microsoft 365 data?
You can store M365 on local on-prem storage or0 object storage cloud solutions such as Wasabi, AWS S3, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud, and other S3-compatible providers.

Another practical alternative is to create backups of your M365 and store them on budget-friendly, long-term storage solutions like Azure Archive and Amazon S3 Glacier.

With Probax, we make storage easy for you with AWS S3 solutions.
Can I back up Microsoft Teams data?
Yes, you can back up Teams data with Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive. However, you must familiarize yourself with how Teams work first. 

Teams is actually not a self-contained app; it’s basically an abstraction layer that combines data from other M365 apps, such as OneDrive and Exchange Online, in one place.

So why is it important to back up Teams data? Can’t you just back up the data of the other apps? Well, while backing up Exchange data, SharePoint Online data, and OneDrive data will protect the data associated with those apps, you’ll lose all the members, settings, team structure, or other configurations you’ve set up in Teams.

Not every M365 backup tool is capable of creating backups for Teams data. The backup provider must have access to the latest Microsoft APIs, and that's one of the reasons Veeam’s M365 backup solutions deliver more value than other providers in the market. 

The APIs allow you to back up all the files of your M365 app from their sources as well as the configurations and metadata in applications like Teams, providing you with a well-rounded backup and recovery solution.
Can I back up SharePoint Online data?
Yes, third-party SharePoint backup services can help you backup and restore SharePoint data. This includes protecting your SharePoint admin center documents and library lists, as well as SharePoint sites and all your SharePoint data.
How does Microsoft retain its customers’ M365 data?
Microsoft incorporates built-in data replicas in its M365 products, which basically replicate data from one data center to the other. This feature can be useful in case one of Microsoft's data centers is down for some reason. So, instead of losing your data or being unable to access it, the replica will help you continue your operations normally. 

However, it’s important that you don’t confuse replication with backups. You should also keep in mind that you don’t actually “own” the replica, Microsoft does. In other words, you don’t have any control over the replication process.

That's why Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive is so important.
What offers more protection: a backup or a replica?
While a replica continuously replicates data to another location to get rid of application downtime, it’s not the best way to protect your data. This is because deleted or broken files will also be deleted or broken in the replica, meaning you won’t be able to recover permanently deleted data.

For maximum protection, it’s recommended that you implement both backups and replicas in your strategy. Replicas are already built into your M365 system, but you’ll only get the benefits of M365 backups with a third-party solution.

Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive powered by Veeam and AWS provides the best level of protection and built-in tools `you can get for your backed-up data, with a short Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO).
Is Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive a standalone product?
Yes, Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive is a turn-key, standalone solution that bundles Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 and AWS storage costs into a fixed monthly cost per user. All configuration and management of Microsoft 365 data is performed in our multi-tenant customer portal, Probax Hive.
Why use a third-party cloud backup service like Probax powered by Veeam to back up SharePoint sites and SharePoint data?
Using a third-party cloud backup service like Probax powered by Veeam to protect and restore SharePoint files has numerous benefits, which include:
  • Retaining data after account deletion. If a user account is deleted, you’ll still be able to restore SharePoint data.
  • Efficiency. A third-party backup tool makes it easier to manage backups of SharePoint files for teams of all sizes more efficiently. 
  • Access during outages. If M365 is down, you’ll be able to access your SharePoint data using the saved backup.
  • Automatic backup scheduling. Schedule your SharePoint backup data on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on your data retention requirements.
  • Security. M365 SharePoint backup solutions provide you with more admin control, as well as increased protection against ransomware threats.
Does Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive offer self-service to end customers?
Yes, Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive allows partners to provide their customers with access to Probax Hive for self-service restores.
Does Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive allow backups of localized and unique versions of Office 365?
Yes, Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive supports Microsoft 365 U.S. Government (DoD and non-DoD), Microsoft 365 China, and Microsoft 365 Germany. This enables you to back up unique and localized versions of your M365 (Office 365) data. 
How is M365 backup data protected by Veeam and Probax?
Veeam M365 backups are protected with encryption for data in object storage, in addition to multi-factor authentication that requests additional security requirements with login credentials.
Do Probax and Veeam meet compliance requirements?
Yes, Probax and Veeam will help you meet compliance needs by enabling you to store and restore business data, files and content databases on long-term retention policies. As a result, you’ll be able to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Please refer to for more information.
Is Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive scalable?
Yes, Probax Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive is easily scalable, no matter how many users an organization has or scales up to. It enables you to back up and protect larger M365 deployments with one simple installation. 

Also, maximum file-size limits won’t be an issue since the installation integrates automated scale-out of the repository.
Can I back up specific M365 apps?
Yes, with granular M365 data protection, you can choose to back up Exchange or SharePoint + Onedrive only, depending on your requirements. Alternatively, in just a few clicks you can opt for a full protection bundle to back up all of your M365 data including Teams.
Is versioning a good alternative to Microsoft Office 365 backups?
No, Microsoft’s native versioning feature isn’t enough to protect and retain your data. While versioning can help you view and restore older versions of a file, it won’t recover deleted files for you. Also, versioning doesn’t provide protection against security threats. 

A Microsoft Office 365 backup solution saves a copy of your data in an off-site location to make it recoverable in case of disasters. This is also more effective than a recycle bin which retains data for a limited period.
How can I recover Office 365 emails?
Accidental deletion is one of the primary causes of data loss. However, recovering your Office 365 emails is quite straightforward with 3rd-party backup solutions. 

The process typically involves recovering contacts, tasks, mailboxes, hard-deleted files, and messages. Ideally, you’d want your backup vendor to have as many save, export, and send options as possible to ensure an efficient recovery process. 

Many vendors also give you the choice to restore your backup data to the original location or a different one depending on the situation.
What are the risks of not saving M365 backups?
Without having any Office 365 backups, you won’t be able to fully control and access your data. 

Whether it's the risk of data loss, human errors, a disgruntled employee, gaps in retention policies and cyber security threats, using M365 products without a backup and ability to restore is a gamble. 

Over 80% of IT professionals reported losing at least some of their organization’s M365 data, and in many cases, the reason is a simple human error. 

As a result, disaster recovery and business continuity plans need to factor in MS Office 365 backup and recovery.