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StoredTech and the Techs+Together MSP community needed a cloud data protection solution that would operate in a hybrid environment, was stable, fast, efficient and was ideally scalable for growth focused MSPs. The solution needed to have a cost model that was compatible with the objectives of their MSP community. They also needed a solution that could deliver a dashboard with both macro and granular visibility, not only across business functions, but also across all MSP customers. They found that solution with Probax and Veeam.

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Winthrop Australia

After investigating various cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for their customers, Winthrop Australia started working with Probax in 2017. As Probax’s end-to-end data protection solution ticked all the right boxes, Winthrop Australia migrated all their customers to this platform within a few months. Not only did it furnish Winthrop Australia with a full-service Backup and Disaster Recovery platform, but also created several real-world benefits that they could pass on to their customers.

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With the emergence of cloud and an ever-greater expectation of business availability from customers, eNerds needed reliable replication of customers’ onsite backups to a secure and local cloud repository, at a price-point their customers could afford. 

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After offering an in-house cloud backup and disaster recovery solution for several years, high costs, insufficient reliability and a lack of reporting functionality led Anittel’s management towards a rethink, ultimately deciding to engage a dedicated cloud services provider to partner with.

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