Veeam CloudConnect

Replicate Veeam-protected systems using CloudConnect, managed through Probax Control. We’ve introduced new features to replicate virtual backups, while limiting the amounts of data needed to be copied across the Internet. Veeam® is an incredibly effective, efficient and capable product for easily backing up densely populated virtual environments. When combined with Probax for off-site replication it forms an extremely resilient backup and recovery solution. Find out more

StorageCraft® ShadowProtect®

Get offsite replication to Hyperformance storage in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Johannesburg with vital statistics of all your clients’ backups. Plus, generate your own ShadowProtect® licenses from inside the Probax Portal on a monthly basis. With built-in awareness of the ShadowProtect® backups, Probax will alert you to the vital statistics of all your clients’ backups and even advise how to fix any errors or warnings that the backup generated. Contact us today to find out more about replicating your ShadowProtect® backups to Probax. Find out more

Dropbox for Business

Securely Transfer, Archive and Restore your Dropbox from the Control Console. Probax Control now offers a secure integration with global enterprise, Dropbox. Dropbox Business is the secure file sharing and storage solution that employees love and IT admins trust. Find out more

NAS Backup

On-site NAS devices are excellent, until there’s an on-site disaster. Ensure your clients’ local daily data and archival files are protected with cloud backups. Cover all your bases with a more reliable backup for cost-conscious clients. Find out more


Small businesses need backups too – and fast recovery in the case of a disaster. FilePlus allows you to backup critical files and folders for your clients, as well as manage Exchange server and SQL server backups.

Our software is designed for the SMB market for fast operation over low-bandwidth ADSL connections. Advanced compression and de-duplication of changed data blocks are applied on the client-side prior to encryption and secure transmission. Never lose an important email again with FilePlus, part of the Probax suite of products.


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