Securely Transfer, Archive and Restore your Dropbox from the Control Console


Probax Control now offers a secure integration with global enterprise, Dropbox. Dropbox Business is the secure file sharing and storage solution that employees love and IT admins trust.

This integration simplifies and maximises the efficiency of data transfer, archiving and restoration greater data for all our clients. MSPs and End Users can set their retention and archiving schedule on a per-Dropbox basis. Archiving and restoration of each Dropbox efficient with low-cost Honeycomb storage and single click restore


Secure & Fast Data Transfer

Cloud to cloud encrypted transfer. No upload on the client WAN is required

Scheduled Retention

MSPs and End Users can set as many retention schedules as needed - daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

Low-cost Archiving

Our virtual tape solution allows you to have a retention period greater than 120 days

Password Security

MSPs can manage files without viewing them, or needing their clients' password

Single click restoration

Restore an entire Dropbox with one click, restoring directly from Honeycomb if necessary

Get Integrated with Dropbox

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