Backup email, databases, critical files and folders for your clients

Arguably one of the most important features inside Probax is FilePlus – free backup software for small business clients. FilePlus performs file-level backups of Files, Folders, Exchange & SQL databases.

Hybrid Cloud Protection

Keep copies of your files offsite on our servers, as well as local backups to provide the fastest restore times possible.

Incremental-Forever Backups

Our backend system merges your older backup sets in any given restore. You don’t have to worry about restoring Full Backups followed by all your incrementals.

Open File Protection

Besides supporting Microsoft VSS, we also have one of the very few high-performance Open File Drivers on the market. Backing up files like Outlook .pst files are no problem at all.

Agentless Deployment

Backups that don’t require installing individual client software on each machine means greater scalability and efficiency for your clients.

Granular Scheduling

Set your backups for off-peak times or specific intervals of the day to lessen the load on your servers and bandwidth.

Microsoft Exchange Servers

With so much Intellectual Property residing in email mailboxes these days it can be a disaster to lose even one important email. But backing up Exchange Servers – especially to the Cloud – can be a long, confusing process. Luckily we’ve made it much easier to protect your clients’ Exchange Servers.

Microsoft SQL Servers

Don’t play 52-pickup with your database backup and restore. With SQL servers’ atypical data structure, it’s important to keep relational integrity intact during any database backup. That’s where FilePlus will help.


Since FilePlus automatically recognises new databases, you’ll save time by not having to add these databases to your backup later.

Differential backups

Experience faster backup and recovery times with differential backups. FilePlus also automatically rebuilds the differential generations during restoration to make restores of your databases even easier.


Our simple, streamlined backups won’t interrupt your workflow, as they’re performed ‘hot’, negating the need to take your databases offline.

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