Backup clients' NAS devices to save them from a local data disaster.

Replicate files and folders from Network Attached Storage with Probax. Teams using NAS for on-site file sharing rely heavily on this system working effectively to remain efficient. Remove the risk of losing access to critical files with a complete backup of your clients’ NAS devices.


Added Protection

For clients using NAS as a repository for daily data or file sharing, it’s vital to communicate the importance of off-site replication. Protect your clients from a local disaster.

Cost Effective

Probax NAS backup & replication is a great alternative for budget conscious clients who don’t have the appetite for software licensing or hosting more hardware off-site. Even better, there’s no need to install software on a Windows machine.

All Major Brands

Need to backup a NAS device to the cloud? Probax supports the replication of data from major NAS brands, however, setup procedures will vary. Contact us today to find out more about syncing your NAS devices to Probax.

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