“We already replicate ShadowProtect® backups to our own servers, how is this any different?”

StorageCraftThis is a question we’re often asked by Managed Service Providers, who are more than capable of replicating data from one place to another. The answer is; using ShadowProtect® with Probax is a completely different beast: a far more advanced, secure and elegant system that’s a lot more valuable to both MSPs and end users.

Employing Probax, with Scout integration, ensures that your backups stay healthy and any issues are automatically fixed – without you lifting a finger.

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Have you got the basics covered?

  • Where are you storing your replicas? Are they at the office? Do you have the appropriate insurance for this?
  • What kind of disk are they stored on? What redundancies besides RAID are employed?
  • How do you protect data from bit-rot? How do you detect it in the first place?
  • What is the service costing you, both in upfront and ongoing costs?
  • Is all of your hardware under warranty, with upgrades scheduled and budgeted for?

What about the technical issues?

  • How do you manage and monitor all of your clients’ replication jobs? Do you currently have to check every single email report for every single user?
  • Do you know if ImageManager® has stopped working, or experienced any other random issues?
  • Are you notified if a particular user fails to transfer a backup overnight?
  • Are you notified of CRC corruption?
  • Are you notified if the backup chain is broken? How do you find it and fix it?

All of the issues and questions raised in the points above are addressed by Probax Control. Eliminate the headaches with our pain-free backup system. The net effect of having all of those measures in place means that you spend up to 80% less time checking, managing and fixing your backups.

How does Probax work with ShadowProtect®?

Incredibly well! Probax serves as the off-site replication target for your ShadowProtect® backups. You can seed your base images to the Probax servers on an external drive, free of charge, and access cloud-side ImageManager® controls to take care of your own retention and consolidation settings. You can even select your preferred backup storage location (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, South Africa or North America ) whilst setting up your client accounts.With built-in awareness of the ShadowProtect® backups, Probax will alert you to the vital statistics of all your clients’ backups and even advise how to fix any errors or warnings that the backup generated.

Probax ShadowProtect® Replication Features at a glance:
  • Seed and Restore via external hard drive (yours or ours).
  • Works astoundingly well with minimal upstream bandwidth, as is the case with ADSL.
  • Replicate to Hyperformance storage in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Johannesburg.
  • Verification processes to continually scan your backup files for integrity.
  • Change cloud-side retention settings by yourself on a per-managed-folder basis.
  • Cloud-side email reporting for all your clients in one email.
  • Only pay for used space, not the original size of your volumes (like other providers).

ShadowProtect® is a standalone software product by StorageCraft® which allows bare metal backup and hardware independent restores of entire volumes and systems. Our system acts as a Replication Target and integrates using ImageManager®

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