Probax provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to replicate using Veeam® CloudConnect.

Probax and Veeam® CloudConnect combine to offer you an extremely resilient backup and recovery solution.

Veeam® is market leading backup software and offers an incredibly effective, efficient and capable product when you are looking to easily back up densely populated virtual environments. Elevating the solution with the Probax Control console, a sophisticated backup management tool that integrates with Veeam®, unlocks unmatched enterprise grade backup and recovery features.

The combination of Probax and Veeam® gives you the added benefit of increased efficiency and lower cost. Data operations happen on our side, which means minimal amounts of data are copied across the Internet. Even if your base .vbk file is modified every day, we don’t need to transfer this file every day. Instead, the changes are injected into the existing backup files.


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Your benefits when using Probax and Veeam® CloudConnect:

  • True Flexibility – Seed and Restore via external hard drive (yours or ours).
  • Efficiency and Cost Reduction – Use processing on our end, instead of re-transmitting excess data files.
  • Hosted Offsite Backups – Replicate to Hyperformance storage in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Johannesburg.
  • Modern Backup Architecture – Veeam’s modern backup technology offers Backup Copy jobs with Built-in WAN Acceleration, forever incremental backups and more―all built into one product.
  • End-to-end encryption – All data is encrypted at source, in flight and at rest.

In harmony with the Probax Control dashboard Veeam® files are interrogated to produce detailed reports on your backups:

The system hostname

The VM name, IP address and operating system

Compression and deduplication

The restore points available in the backup set

The type of backup

Disaster Recovery

What happens when disaster strikes?

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Real World Veeam Example: Elite Private School, Western Australia

Private School

A high-performing Probax Partner supports a number of elite schools around Perth, choosing to install Veeam CloudConnect on all the sites that have moved to visualized infrastructure.

This particular school has a 10TB base file for their Veeam backup, and daily incrementals are approximately 5GB. A reverse incremental is kept locally on the school campus, and a sub-set of forward incrementals are replicated to Probax storage – keeping 14 days’ worth of retention.

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