What happens when Disaster strikes?

It’s not an action movie, but without Probax it could take the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster to get your data back. This investment still doesn't guarantee your data integrity will be preserved in a crisis.

The Probax platform works in harmony with the industry's best integrators - Veeam, StorageCraft and Dropbox - to protect your critical data. This resilient backup and recovery platform can withstand high-priority incidents.

Our sales specialists have taken the time to create partner plans to suit all budgets, so you can recover within your means when disaster strikes.





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Partial Failover

If one or several production VMs become corrupted but the rest of production site, including the most critical VMs and Veeam Backup & Replication infrastructure remains operative, a tenant can perform partial site failover. With partial site failover, a tenant can quickly recover a corrupted VM by failing over to its replica on the cloud host.

To establish a secure connection and enable communication between production VMs and VM replicas on the cloud host after partial site failover, Veeam Backup & Replication uses paired network extension appliances deployed on the tenant’s and on the SP side to create a VPN Tunnel.

This way your VMs in the cloud will still present to your local Infrastructure on the same network, so you don’t need to configure anything special to perform a Partial failover.

Cloud Backup-2

Full Site Failover

When the whole tenant's production site becomes unavailable because of a software or hardware malfunction, a tenant can perform full site failover. In the full site failover scenario, all critical VMs fail over to their replicas on the cloud host one by one, as a group.

The Network Extension appliance in this scenario plays out like a Router in the Cloud. You are assigned a Public IP for the external facing part and the Internal facing part takes the IP of your Default gateway.

Full Site Failovers utilize a Cloud Failover Plan, In which you have already set up things like:
  • What VMs are going to be failed over
  • Public IP Addressing and Destination mapping

Probax: Specialists in Disaster Recovery

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Recovery without interruption

Choosing cloud backup integration means your clients can access their necessary files and/or database via their cloud backup while recovery takes place. It’s such a seamless service that end users might never know there was ever a problem.

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