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Backup as a Service

Probax is focused on enabling IT Providers to offer certified  recoverable offsite backups to their clients.

With advanced management, monitoring and reporting tools, integrated with several best-of-breed backup vendors, critical data can be securely stored & recovered fast.

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Control is our multi-tenant, multi-vendor portal to maintain your clients’ backup, business continuity and disaster recovery needs; all in a single-pane-of-glass view.

Keep on top of what you need to know with our intuitive dashboard and drill down into individual customers for detailed status reports, compliance & billing.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Probax allows you to replicate local Veeam protected servers and turn them on in our infrastructure.

Whether a single server is offline or the whole site, failing over is straightforward and automated, and will have your customers back online in minutes.

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Office 365 Backup & Archive

Probax Backup for Office 365 is a cloud-to-cloud backup as a service offering which provides a simple, automated and secure backup solution for Office 365.

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Honeycomb VTL (Archive as a Service)

Honeycomb VTL makes archival and retrieval of data seamless and direct.

With a simple, predictable pricing model and incredibly low costs for data storage, businesses can leave behind the risks and inefficiencies of legacy tape hardware.

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Dropbox Backup & Archive

Probax’s integration for Dropbox adds backup, archival and rapid ransomware recovery capabilities to the popular cloud storage and collaboration solution for businesses.

Retain customer data as secure, air-gapped restore points. Data is highly accessible and ready to be restored back to your client’s Dropbox account.

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Scout is the link between the Probax cloud and your client’s backups.

It works in the background to deploy backup agents, seek out and automatically repair errors, creating greater efficiencies of scale for your support team. 

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Managed Data Protection Services

Probax’s Managed BaaS and Managed DRaaS service is designed to give you peace of mind while increasing your team’s billable utilisation and overall profitability.

Our highly-skilled team of backup engineers and specialists will manage your clients’ end-to-end data protection requirements.
A low monthly fee per managed device guarantees return on  investment.

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Supercharge your ShadowProtect® with Probax's end-to-end intelligent platform

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Probax allows you to replicate Veeam ® protected systems using cloud Connect.

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A reliable backup, archive and cryptoware recovery solution for users of Dropbox

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Microsoft Office 365

Effortlessly backup & archive your critical Office 365 data to the Probax Cloud

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