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Probax’s integration for Dropbox adds backup, archival and rapid ransomware recovery capabilities to the popular cloud storage and collaboration solution for businesses.

Retain customer data as secure, air-gapped restore points according to a schedule and criteria you choose. Data is highly accessible and ready to be restored back to your client’s Dropbox account.


“Single pane of glass management, setup within minutes and zero maintenance for the MSP. This is the “set and forget” Dropbox backup and archival solution we’ve been waiting for!”

-- Andrew Holding, Managing Director at Initiative IT


Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Data is automatically transferred from Dropbox to Probax, preventing the need to upload data from the client site.

Rapid Ransomware Recovery

One click restoration allows your Dropbox users to recover from a ransomware attack in minutes

Unlimited Data Retention

Extend data retention far beyond the 120 day limit of Dropbox Business (30 days for Dropbox Standard)

Secure Air-Gapped Storage

Secure storage which is resilient against malicious or accidental deletions.

Simple Pricing Model

Simple, per-user model to suit your budget and retention requirements


With a focus on simplicity, Probax brings all of your clients’ Dropbox data into a single data protection management portal. Data transfer is seamless and automatic from Dropbox to the Probax cloud without needing to upload any data from client


Probax’s solution provides you with an independent copy of your clients’ Dropbox data. By integrating the solution with our
award-wining Honeycomb Virtual Tape Library, Probax has enabled secure, airgapped restore points which protect against ransomware attacks and other forms of malicious activity.


Extend retention of critical and historical data beyond the 120-day limit in Dropbox.

Generous data archive schedules that align with your customers' RPO and budget requirements.


Your Dashboard View

Simple yet powerful dashboard displaying synced and archived Dropbox data

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Get Started with Probax

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