Pooled storage

Pooled cloud storage across your client base and no hidden fees for data operations or retrieval.

Active-active storage clusters

Redundancy and resiliency measures across our availability zones ensures your clients' data is safe. We store at minimum 2 copies of data.

Massive scale-out capability

We manage over 6PB of data and our solution is purpose-built to handle a massive amount of daily incremental change.

Seed and restore at over 1 Gbps

We monitor our solution end-to-end to identify and resolve every potential bottleneck.

Local Peering

We peer with the best. If you need it, we probably already have it.


Backup with the best

We offer our partners more than just secure and reliable cloud storage.

We solve complex data protection challenges by providing partners with single-pane-of-glass visibility and control, bundled with unmatched intelligence, automation, security, monitoring, and reporting capabilities.

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Artboard 84-2-1

Powerful yet super efficient 

We’ve analysed the solution from end-to-end to identify every potential bottleneck, and engineered it from the ground up.

Our Honeycomb Hot Storage solution has built-in deduplication and compression and is purpose-built to handle the massive amount of daily incremental change generated by all of the end user sites protected by Probax. 

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Veeam Integration

Integration of Veeam Cloud Connect with Probax Hive simplifies traditional deployment and configuration of Veeam software by allowing data protection services to be delivered faster and easier.

For users with minimal knowledge and experience using Veeam, take the easy route and use Hive to automatically deploy, license and configure Veeam to protect physical, virtual and cloud-based workloads. Alternatively, the more experienced users of Veeam can install and configure Veeam themselves like they are used to – the choice is yours.



Probax is a Veeam Platinum CSP and Veeam Innovation Award winner

StorageCraft Integration

Our StorageCraft cloud backup solution is advanced, secure and cost effective, providing exception value to our channel partners. 

Probax Scout for StorageCraft delivers automatic verification and repair of broken chains & CRC errors to ensure your clients always have healthy backups.

Replicating ShadowProtect backups to Probax grants access to our end-to-end suite of intelligent monitoring, verification and automated error fixes, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your business.


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