The Probax-designed Scout application provides a link between our cloud storage and the End User’s local backups. This allows us to automatically identify and fix common backup problems.

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Finds it. Fixes it. Reports it.

Scout is designed to fix existing backup software and cloud replication issues. We work with StorageCraft® software to ensure your End Users always have a healthy backup chain. Its function is to identify and fix broken backup chains and individual file corruption issues automatically, with no manual intervention.

The Scout application is not intended to be exclusively developed around ShadowProtect®. It enhances Veeam® and FilePlus backups as well as providing a range of other functions for verifying, consolidating and triaging your backup processes. It works with your current backup software to automate and optimise your current network setup. All the benefit for you, at no extra cost.

Why MSPs Love Scout

Across our partner network, there are thousands of machines being protected by ShadowProtect®.

Scout easily remedies the two most common sources of pain that our partners report which can happen for a multitude of reasons. Scout solves both these issues, with automatic fixes and reporting on what’s been fixed.

Check the local ImageManager service is running, and start or stop as required

Index files and provide insight into contents of local backups

Perform ImageManager updates and other IM tasks

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