Protect against downtime

Powered by Veeam Cloud Connect Replication, Second Colony DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) enables organizations to replicate their virtualized environment to our enterprise grade infrastructure in any of our availability zones worldwide. 

Accelerate recovery time (RTPOs < 15 minutes) and remove the complexity and challenges of using traditional disaster recovery solutions.




Simple pricing

Second Colony DRaaS has a simple and predictable per DRU (Disaster Recovery Unit) pricing model that bundles compute, memory, storage and licensing into a fixed monthly cost. 

There are no setup fees, failover fees or bandwidth charges.  Failover and failback testing can be performed as often as needed for added reassurance and peace of mind.

The true cost of downtime

Downtime can affect many facets of your business. These costs accumulate from loss of revenue, lost employee productivity, damage to your reputation and more. 

Probax can help you to understand the business impact of a potential business disaster.

Our interactive Cost of Downtime Timeline & Calculator walks your clients through the mounting costs of downtime from minutes to hours, painting a picture of just how damaging a single outage event can be.


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