BaaS + Honeycomb VTL-2

Honeycomb Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is your long-term storage solution. Our Honeycomb virtual tapes are created directly from your primary cloud storage so there is no extra data to transfer. With additional economies of scale, you can store more, with less cost through our Virtual Tape Library.

As more businesses start to recognise the cost of replacing their ageing tape infrastructure is significant, they are turning to cloud-based solutions. Low-cost should not be associated with low quality.


Probax Archive storage remains a cost-effective archive solution by sacrificing the speed and built-in intelligence of Probax Hyperformance for those with hundreds of terabytes to store and preserve.

Companies that might otherwise consider big data storage solutions like Amazon Glacier or Microsoft Azure will find the Probax value proposition appealing.


High Capacity and Fully Scalable

Archive important data to low cost (but extremely resilient and durable) storage.

Cost-Friendly Solution

Extremely economic and simple per-gigabyte pricing with no bandwidth or retrieval charges.

Enhanced with Veeam® and Dropbox®

Customise your storage; choose how often and when to backup and the number of restore points.

Secure Air-Gapped Storage

Secure storage which is resilient against malicious or accidental deletions.

What do I get?

  • Massively scalable storage housed in Local Data Centres.
  • Extremely low cost per gigabyte.
  • Simple, intuitive management of stored data.

We’ve wrapped a unique value proposition around the Archive storage that makes it incredibly cost-effective when compared, spec for spec, with other archival options. One of the biggest breakthroughs for companies trying to move large amounts of data is the ability to seed data to Probax servers via cross-connect or external HDD.

What about retrieval?

We know it’s important for IT providers and decision makers to consider not only the cost to store data, but also the cost to access and retrieve it (although by definition of ‘archival’ retrieval should be a rare occurrence).

We’ve worked through a number of side-by-side scenarios with partners who wanted to understand the true cost of different big data storage options. Factors taken into consideration included the initial seeding, updating the data, accessing the data and recovering it.

The Probax value proposition is made abundantly clear in the absence of hidden fees.

Archive: big data, little price

  • Seed archival data directly to the servers.
  • No complicated terms and conditions.
  • Best suited for archival of data sets over 20TB.

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