Not to be confused with ordinary cloud storage, Hyperformance Storage is incredibly fast, and actively monitors, verifies and reports on your Veeam®, ShadowProtect® and File Backups.

Hyperformance is fast. Really fast.

Our storage nodes across Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Johannesburg and North America process incremental change across more than 150 Petabytes worth of cloud backups every single day.

Storing and processing in excess of 150 Petabytes of backup restore points

Active-active storage cluster

Massive scale-out capability

Seed and restore at over 1Gb

Peering with WAIX, VICIX and NSWIX

Why everyone’s excited about Hyperformance.

We’ve analysed the solution from end-to-end to identify every potential bottleneck, and engineered it from the ground up. Hyperformance is purpose-built to handle the massive amount of daily incremental change generated by all of the End Users under management by the Probax Partner Network.

Combining powerful processing with fast storage allows us to perform file operations on the cloud side, which can perform a number of different tasks so you don’t have to.

  • Verification, Retention and Consolidation : No need to transfer consolidated ShadowProtect files across the Internet.
  • Merge and Transform Veeam files : No need to transfer a new Base .vbk file every night across the Internet.
  • Easily handles incremental backups : Ingest massive incremental backups from large computing environments, provided the end user has sufficient bandwidth.

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