Traction IT

Traction IT and Probax have been in partnership since 2008. As the backup and DRaaS platforms have changed and evolved their industry collaboration has enhanced the approach to the critical and emotional points of IT strategy for many Australian businesses. Together, they have continued to deliver a higher end service for their clients and end users.

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CloudNet Pty Ltd

A CloudNet client specialising in furniture warehousing and distribution fell victim to the Crysis virus. It soon became apparent that the virus had encrypted the MYOB files, emails, spread sheets, word documents, databases, all templates, history and data files associated with their custom software.

Not only were basic customer details not accessible, but the software that controls inventory and truck movements was brought to its knees. CloudNet had to provide the clients data as it was prior to being infected, using a backup version that contained clean file copies.

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XCy Pty Ltd is a Managed Service Provider, supplying communications solutions and project management services. They offer packaged IT services including full managed ongoing IT service agreements, consulting or contracted services, and casual support services.

In addition, XCy is particularly strong with edge communications technologies and services including satellite, microwave, optical fibre, UHF radio and telemetry services.

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Private School

A high-performing Probax Partner supports a number of elite schools around Perth, choosing to install Veeam CloudConnect on all the sites that have moved to visualized infrastructure.

This particular school has a 10TB base file for their Veeam backup, and daily incrementals are approximately 5GB. A reverse incremental is kept locally on the school campus, and a sub-set of forward incrementals are replicated to Probax storage – keeping 14 days’ worth of retention.

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