Arcserve | StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® Integration

Supercharge your ShadowProtect® with Probax's end-to-end intelligent platform

Our suite of intelligent agents and Hive data protection platform monitors your clients' backups and makes management easy with automated error fixes cutting down average backup maintenance times by over 90%!

This ensures that backups stay healthy, and frees up your technical team for more important project work.

ShadowProtect® is a standalone software product by Arcserve (formerly StorageCraft®) offering sector-level backup and hardware independent restores of entire volumes and systems. A leading backup and business continuity vendor in the SMB market, Arcserve StorageCraft's powerful data protection offerings deliver instant, reliable, and complete data recovery and eliminate downtime.

BaaS powered by Arcserve (StorageCraft)

Probax's Backup as a Service and Scout integrations for ShadowProtect have provided businesses with reliable offsite monitoring, verification and recoverable backups since 2011 and is arguably the leading external ShadowProtect cloud integration available, with thousands of businesses worldwide now replicating their critical data to our local and international data centres.

ShadowProtect® Cloud Integration

Probax serves as the offsite replication target for your ShadowProtect® backup images. You can seed your base images to Probax's highly-available cloud infrastructure on an external drive and customize cloud consolidation and retention settings direct from our single-pane-of-glass Hive dashboard.

You can even select your preferred storage location for your ShadowProtect backup images from multiple global availability zones worldwide when setting up your client accounts. If ever an urgent restore is required, due to an outage or if disaster strikes, simply download the required data, or request a physical emergency restore device from Probax.

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Andrew Holding
Andrew Holding
Owner - Initiative IT, Australia

It's like we now have an extra engineer dedicated to backups. Probax's ShadowProtect solution has become a key revenue driver for our managed services offering.

Integration features at a glance



Self-service changes to cloud-side retention settings on a per-managed-folder basis.

Seed and restore

Seed and restore over the Internet or via physical storage device.

Work well

Works astoundingly well with minimal upstream bandwidth or high latency connections.

Scan your backup

Verification processes to continually scan your backup files for integrity.

Detect and fix

Detect and fix CRC errors, chain breaks and ImageManager® service disruptions automatically with our intelligent, automated agent Scout.

Daily email report

Detailed daily email report of all errors and warnings.

Great storage

Replicate to any one of our highly available and high performance cloud repositories worldwide.

Scales elastically

True pooled storage model that scales elastically across your customers (per country).

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What is StorageCraft?

StorageCraft is a cloud software solution that enables you to back up and restore your systems quickly and reliably when disaster strikes, without disrupting your production site. 

With StorageCraft, you can create, manage, and schedule multiple backups simultaneously, test and verify backup integrity, manage storage resources, recover individual files and folders, and stay alert about events that require attention. 

In 2021, StorageCraft merged with Arcserve and is now branded "StorageCraft, an Arcserve Company".
What is StorageCraft ShadowProtect?

StorageCraft ShadowProtect is a cloud solution that enables you to get your systems back online in case of a disaster and protect your physical, hybrid, and virtual environments.

ShadowProtect is a single cross-platform solution that covers a wide range of services that help you prevent permanent data loss, minimize downtime, recover from disasters, and ensure business continuity. These include:

  • Fast and reliable backup
  • Complete data protection
  • Disaster recovery in events like hardware failure, ransomware, and accidental deletion, and
  • System migration.
How does ShadowProtect work?

StorageCraft ShadowProtect works by creating spanned image sets by breaking a backup image file into pieces for better portability. So, for instance, you can save the image file on more than one physical device. 

Then, the actual spanned image file uses a number that identifies the file’s position in the spanned image set.

What is a ShadowProtect backup agent?
The ShadowProtect Backup Agent is basically the engine that makes a system's point-in-time backup images that can be later used for recovery. The backup agent’s operation is managed in the ShadowProtect console.
What is StorageCraft SPX?

StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX is the newer, updated version of ShadowProtect software. It provides the same features, such as fast and reliable backup jobs, data protection, disaster recovery with fast recovery time, and system migration, while introducing a cleaner interface, additional features, and ongoing support and upgrades. 

SPX works behind the scenes to create full and incremental backups with little to no intervention from your side. With SPX, you can easily back up and recover apps, operating systems, applications, personal settings, pictures, documents, and any other essential files in case of a disaster. 

What is StorageCraft ImageManager?
StorageCraft ImageManager allows you to maintain backup images and set the storage required by them. With ImageManager, you can set different policies for retention, validation, and replication. 

Based on these policies, ImageManager will consolidate automatic backup files into daily, weekly, and monthly incremental images.
What is the difference between StorageCraft ImageManager and StorageCraft ShadowProtect?

The primary difference between StorageCraft ImageManager and ShadowProtect is that one is utilized after the other. 

StorageCraft ShadowProtect is the tool used to create backup image files. You can also use it to store these image files in the folder you prefer.

Then, ImageManager manages these files while they’re stored in the folder. It’s dependent on the user’s policies. The tool recalls the replication, retention, and validation policies set by the user to manage the backup image files in the user-specified folder.

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