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The Cost of Downtime

Do you know how much an outage could cost your business?

Downtime can affect many facets of your business. These costs accumulate from loss of revenue, lost employee productivity, damage to your reputation and more. But if you’re an IT professional working for a small-to-medium size business, downtime and data loss can have catastrophic consequences.


Use the Downtime Calculator to help you measure the business impact of a potential business disaster.

Downtime impacts small businesses significantly

The longer the downtime, the greater the impact

1 Minute

$137 - $427

Average cost of downtime per minute for small businesses, according to IDC

1 Hour

$8,000 - $26,000

Average cost of downtime per hour

65 Minutes


Average downtime length

Each business experience 5 to 10 unplanned outages each lasting 65 minutes on average

2 Hours

2 hr

Max downtime tolerance for mission critical apps

The average business can tolerate 2 hours of downtime for mission critical apps.

3 Hours

3 hr

Max downtime tolerance for operations critical apps

Average business can tolerate 3 hours of downtime for operations critical apps.


Experienced brand damage

Percentage of businesses which experienced an identifiable damage to brand integrity.


Experienced loss of customer confidence.

Percentage of businesses which experienced a measurable loss of customer confidence.


Unable to deliever uninterrrupted access

Percentage of businesses unable to deliever uninterrrupted access to apps and data

What's causing all of this downtime?


accidental / human error


cyber attack system failure


cloud outage


software failure


system failure


Natural Disaster

Quantifying the impact of downtime

Use this calculator to gauge the impact of a potential IT disaster.

Enter the annual revenue of your organization or revenue generated by a key application.
How long is the downtime expected to last? This could be limited to business hours or also include out-of-business hours.
As a percentage define a rough estimation of the impact of an IT outage to revenue generation. I.E downtime of a web store for an online only business with competitors waiting to take the same orders would be 100%.
Enter the number of employees that can be affected by an IT outage.
Enter the average cost of an employee per hour including salary, benefits and office space. $100-$200 is a reasonable figure.
As a percentage define the impact to your employees of an IT outage. I.E if your employees are totally reliant on IT to do their work and cannot be productive without it, enter 100%.

Over 90% of businesses don’t consider themselves IT resilient; however the majority of these businesses view IT resilience to be a foundational element of a successful business.

Only when you know the potential costs can you decide how much to invest in your IT resilience plan.

Complete the downtime calculator to find out what the impact of downtime could mean for your business.

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Total Downtime Cost:
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Downtime and outages are catastrophic, but they don’t have to be that impactful.

The good news is you've already taken the first step towards building your IT resilience plan. Only when you know the potential costs can you decide how much to invest in your IT resilience.

Probax delivers an industry leading IT Resilience platform that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. 

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