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Wasabi Technologies provides simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world, enabling organizations to store and instantly access an unlimited amount of data at 1/5th the cost of the competition with no complex tiers or unpredictable egress fees.

Trusted by customers worldwide, Wasabi has been recognized as one of technology’s fastest-growing and most visionary cloud storage solution companies.


Better Together Backup

As Probax integrates Wasabi hot cloud storage into additional reseller-ready solutions, our MSP Partners have access to affordable and limitless cloud storage to serve any need, including second copy backup, primary copy backup, or long-term archive, all at the industry’s most affordable rates.

This industry-disruptive Wasabi hot cloud storage solution opens up the floodgates for data – partners and customers can store more data for backup and recovery, across multiple locations and environments.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage integrates seamlessly with Veeam®, which means it's the right solution for Veeam customers who can easily secure their backups with Object Lock directly.

Your MSP + Probax + Wasabi + Veeam = Better Together.

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Your low-cost storage solution for long term retention in the cloud (Wasabi integration for North American MSPs only).
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What Does Wasabi Technologies Do?

Wasabi Technologies is a company that is on a mission to store all the world’s data by making data storage simple, affordable, fast and secure.

Wasabi's key difference is it allows businesses to utilize cloud object storage with unlimited data storage capacity and secure data center access. Cloud object storage makes it easier to store unstructured data in the cloud. The Wasabi solution comes at a more flexible and affordable cost structure than other forms of cloud storage. It's also more scalable and drives better value companies globally.

Wasabi is an entirely new approach to cloud storage and is a bottomless cloud that grows with the business of its customers.

What Is Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage?

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is an object storage service that seeks to meet data storage performance requirements with a single plan. Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage is cheaper than conventional cold storage services. It keeps your data accessible regardless of their classification: cool, hot, or cold. 

No matter how frequently companies need to access particular bits of data from cloud storage, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage online backup service makes them available to you all the time in a secure and fast cloud storage platform. 

Who Owns Wasabi Cloud?

David Friend and Jeff Flowers are the cofounders and co-owners of the company Wasabi Technologies. The cloud solutions company is based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

Is Wasabi Built on AWS?

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage solution is 100% AWS S3 bit-compatible. It utilizes the same AWS API constructs for identity and storage management. In other words, if you already use an S3-compatible application and want to use Wasabi hot cloud storage, you won’t have to change it. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Wasabi’s cloud storage system architecture provides a snappier performance compared to Amazon S3, resulting in faster time-to-first-byte speeds. 

What Are the Security Features of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage?

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage integrates multiple security features in its solutions and backup process to maximize business data protection. The company’s security design practices and models are among the best in the industry. 

Some of the security features that Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage utilizes include:

  • HTTPS support for data download and upload

  • Limited accessibility to the buckets (only accessible to object and bucket creators)

  • Access control measures, like ACLs (Access Control Lists) and Wasabi bucket policies. These are used to set permissions for users individually or for groups of users

  • User authentication puts restrictions on data access.

Is Wasabi Cloud Encrypted?

Before object data is written to a disk drive, the high-performance Wasabi software encrypts it with an AES256-bit key. 

There are two ways to get a key, which are: 

  • If the S3 client app doesn’t provide a key, Wasabi Cloud automatically generates a random AES256-bit encryption key with a random cryptographic routine. A unique key is required for every object stored, and it can be used for decryption as well when the data is recalled in its native format. The key’s information is securely stored in the meta-data layer of the Wasabi system. 

  • If the Amazon S3 client app has a provided key in the S3 PUT Object Data REST request, you can use this key to encrypt the data before it’s written. In that case, The S3 client app must provide the same encryption key that must be provided in an S3 GET Object REST request for the data to be fully accessible. A copy of the encryption isn’t required for the Wasabi software to secure the data as it’s only stored temporarily in the memory during the encryption process. 

How Much Does Wasabi Cost?

Wasabi's pricing structure is straightforward. There are no hidden fees, specifically for API requests, and there are no egress charges. Talk with us to discuss a simple cost structure that makes sense for your MSP and clients.

Does Wasabi Comply With Section 508 / VPAT?

Wasabi Technologies meets the standards of the US government Section 508 program, meaning that the company has submitted the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). 

The document provides information on how Wasabi is compliant with Section 508. The VPAT also makes it easier for government buyers and Federal agency contracting officials to understand the company's ICT (Information and Communication Technology) products' level of accessibility.

How Does Wasabi Mitigate Against Ransomware?

In a world where ransomware is becoming a daily disruption, a newer, more secure form of data backup has emerged from cloud vendors and other storage providers to mitigate this business threat. Immutable storage, used in conjunction with a comprehensive backup strategy, can save you from cybercriminals looking to hold company data for ransom. Wasabi’s immutable buckets and support for S3 object lock can support you to fight back, ensuring the security, integrity and recovery of business data.

What is Object Lock?

Object Lock is a data protection feature wherein a user can designate certain files or “objects” to be immutable to store data. This means these objects cannot be altered or deleted by anyone until the retention period has expired. It is an essential layer of protection in a backup process for protecting data backups from cybersecurity threats and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Using immutable objects ensures that backups are immune from accidental or intentional deletion and alteration, especially when cybercriminals attack backups and archives as part of their ransomware campaigns against a business. It guarantees that once the information lands in the Wasabi hot storage cloud as part of a backup process, it will remain there until the lock expires.

Object Lock can support organizations with certain government and industry regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, and CJIS for securing, storing and preserving electronic records, transaction data, and activity logs.

The Wasabi Object Lock solution is available in two retention modes:

  • Compliance mode

  • Governance mode

With compliance mode, a protected file or object can’t be overwritten by any user or Wasabi engineer. When an object is locked in compliance mode, its retention date can’t be shortened. Immutable objects in Compliance mode will remain immutable until the end of their retention period.

With governance mode, only users with special permission or secret key can reduce the retention settings. This allows you to grant special permission to some users if necessary.

What Storage Does Wasabi Use?

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage uses object storage that’s also compatible with Amazon S3, enabling you to use any S3 SKD with Wasabi without facing any technical difficulties.  

What Is A Wasabi Service?

Wasabi is an Amazon S3-compatible cloud storage and online, offsite backup service that serves as an alternative to Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service known as AWS S3. 

Wasabi uses the same tools and protocol to integrate with other Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other solutions.

Some of Wasabi services' use cases include:

  • Web application asset and content delivery 

  • Service pipeline integration

  • Backup software target

  • Holding data for analysis

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