We identify best-in-breed backup software (including Veeam® and ShadowProtect®) and develop monitoring and reporting protocols to 'plug the holes' in those solutions. By using Probax Control as the storage and monitoring tool for cloud backups, managing hundreds (or even thousands) of your clients' backups becomes much faster, simpler and easier. The development of the Probax Storage Network has seen our nodes deployed to Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, with more planned across the EMEA region and the USA.

Wes Denton, owner of CloudNet Computer & Technology solutions in Perth, recently performed a successful recovery for a client who had fallen victim to an iteration of the Cryptolocker virus.

Our client was amazed at how quickly we were able to get their computers back online and have the data reloaded and configured… He did say that if they hadn’t been able to recover the data, particularly the warehouse and delivery management software and their MYOB data that they may not have ever been able to recover from the effect it would have had on their business. They were so grateful we had implemented offsite backup with Probax

Wes Denton

CloudNet Pty Ltd

Managed Service Providers

Probax has been developing backup solutions for more than a decade. Our singular focus is on solving the backup and recoverability problems that plague IT providers.


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Business Owners and IT Managers

When disaster strikes, feel secure that your backups have been monitored intensively for potential errors and can be restored quickly and effortlessly by your local IT Provider.


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Data Centres

Probax uses secure data centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Johannesburg and North America to make sure our systems are reliable and your date is safe.


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