The Backup Paradox

Do you remember when you had to make your first significant investment in IT to help foster the growth of your business? It probably stung a little bit:

“We have to spend HOW MUCH on a server!?”

Along the way you would have added email accounts, networking capabilities, maybe software that is specifically suited to your business, as well as paying an IT provider to manage it all for you (which, let me say, is a very sound investment). But despite all this, you never implemented a robust backup and recovery solution.


If all of those investments disappeared tonight while you’re asleep, what would tomorrow’s workday look like?

Your staff all show up as normal, get ready to work (the coffee machine is excluded from this scenario, and still works just fine) and then… nothing.

Imagine: you no longer have your CRM, you don’t have client details, accounting records, HR records or emails. The phone still rings, but there is almost nothing you can do for these people.

“This is a bit dramatic” we hear you say. “Our technology won’t disappear overnight.” Unless it’s stolen, we tend to agree. Your technology will be there tomorrow morning.

So let’s imagine for a moment that you’ve had a server fail and you’ve lost all of the information that you use on a daily basis. You and your staff are in the same predicament: lack of productivity, but with all the usual bills to pay.

How much would that cost you

in loss of earnings + normal business overheads?


At this point, you’ll probably have to hire someone to try and recover the data from your failed hard drives. There goes another few thousand dollars, made only more painful because you still have to pay all those employees, all those bills, all with none of your usual productivity.

This scenario outlines the Backup Paradox.

A small monthly fee, normally far less than 1% of your total revenue, determines whether or not your business survives a major loss of data – yet so many business owners are reluctant to allow their IT Provider to implement an appropriate solution.

Such a small, behind the scenes service (in relation to everything else IT related) has the power to bring entire companies back to productivity, or send them into receivership.


Would you be safe if this happened to your business?

Wes Denton, owner of CloudNet Computer & Technology solutions in Perth received a call from the Warehouse Manager of a furniture warehousing and distribution company to say he couldn’t open their MYOB data file, which returned an error message. On logging in remotely, they could see that all the data files on the Server and every PC connected to it were encrypted with the “Crysis” Ransom ware virus, an iteration of the Cryptolocker virus.

It had affected all MYOB data files, emails, spread sheets, Word documents, databases as well as all templates, history and data files associated with their Warehousing software…There is no way of getting your data back unless you are able to obtain the decryption key by paying the hackers, however in this case there was no information on how to contact them, even if we had wanted to.

Fortunately, the client had Probax’s backup system in place and was able to recover their data to get completely back up and running within a day.

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It's why disaster recovery matters.

As long as your IT Provider has been monitoring the Probax reports and fixing any errors that may arise, we guarantee the recoverability of your backups.

Trust in purpose-designed infrastructure, owned and managed by Probax, in a data centre near you.

When disaster strikes, feel secure that your backups have been monitored intensively for potential errors and can be restored quickly and effortlessly by your local IT Provider.

Is your IT Provider using Probax for Disaster Recovery?

We can contact your IT provider directly to set them up with Probax. Alternatively, we can refer you to a suitable Probax Partner to assist you with a backup and recovery plan.

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