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Why Probax?

We are leading a revolution in intelligent data protection - and that means working with clients who want to succeed by being at the forefront of innovation. 

If you're just looking for the cheapest data protection solutions available, we're probably not the best fit for your business - and that's perfectly OK. If you're content with using data protection software that hasn't changed in years, that's not us either.  

If you fit our profile, we guarantee that we’ll bee the best data protection platform you have ever used. 

So... let’s talk about what makes us so different.

We simplify complex needs

We help our partners thrive with intelligent and reliable data protection solutions and services. We do this by solving complex data protection challenges faced by MSPs. We understand your challenges because we were you. We started out as an MSP, we’ve lived and breathed MSP life. We intimately understand the successes and challenges, what works and what doesn’t.

  • Change how you do data protecetion with a single pane of glass view across multiple solutions and services.

  • We guide you through options to help you identify best of breed data protection solutions to help your business thrive. 

We help generate new revenue and reduce operating costs

Front of mind for all MSPs is how to increase profitability of managed services offerings. Probax allows you to generate revenue by deploying data protection solutions and services to new clients faster, and then foster existing revenue streams by up-selling and cross-selling a broad range of data protection solutions and services. 

There's more to data protection than just backup!

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Partner Enablement
Save time and money by leveraging our resources to customize and launch lead gen marketing campaigns quickly & easily

Intelligence & Automation
Save valuable engineering & management time with our built in intelligence & automation

Scale with Probax
Our scale delivers greater reliability, redundancy, performance and value compared to what can be done internally for the same budget

We enable proactive data loss prevention and compliance

More than just a data protection dashboard, our Hive platform helps organizations build and continually monitor their clients' data loss prevention plans by automatically identifying new devices and workloads connected to a client environment. You can't protect what you don't know exists. 

Automatic monitoring of data protection jobs and important device protection services (for example, antivirus and firewall services) ensures ongoing compliance and peace of mind

"Getting up and running with Probax is easy and they will assist you through the process. Their plans and models work with IT service integrators and providers of different sizes from the corner shop all the way up to very large companies."

- Dean Wallace, CTO at Winthrop Australia

We are experts in data protection and customer service

Probax has delivered award-winning innovation for over 15 years and we pride ourselves on our team of highly skilled data protection engineers and consultants

Partner with Probax and experience our unbeatable customer service (CSAT > 97%, NPS >50), which exists to help your organization thrive by delivering scalable and profitable data protection solutions.

Gain access to a comprehensive knowledge base, training services and partner enablement resources to help up-skill your team. Alternatively, let us do all the work for you with our Managed Data Protection Service offering. 

We integrate with the best

True Flexibility | Reliable Architecture
Winthrop Australia Success Story

After investigating various cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for their customers, Winthrop Australia started working with Probax in 2017. As Probax’s end-to-end data protection solution ticked all the right boxes, Winthrop Australia migrated all their customers to this platform within a few months. Not only did it furnish Winthrop Australia with a full-service Backup and Disaster Recovery platform, but also created several real-world benefits that they could pass on to their customers.

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Improve Revenue | Reduce Costs
eNerds Success Story

With the emergence of cloud and an ever-greater expectation of business availability from customers, eNerds needed reliable replication of customers’ onsite backups to a secure and local cloud repository, at a price-point their customers could afford. 

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